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Backpack and Bags

  • Lowepro CompuDaypack Camera Bag (Slate Gray) Pretty much carried with me everywhere. Fits about 4 lenses and the body. I can have a netbook and a travel tripod in the computer compartment. Various cables, chargers, accessories and a poncho are kept in the front compartment.
  • Lowepro Nova 3 AW Camera Bag (Green) when I can’t carry the backpack around, this is the bag I go for. Lets me carry a couple of lenses and some accessories.


Acer Aspire One AOA150-1635 8.9-Inch Sapphire Blue Actually, I have the less expensive Linux version and replaced the stock Operating System with Ubuntu Karmic Koala (non-NBR version, standard desktop).


  • Manfrotto 494RC2 Ball Head
  • Manfrotto 190CX3 3-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod without Head Great tripod that didn’t set me back a lot. Nice and light with great reach.
  • Manfrotto 785 Modo Maxi Tripod This is my compact Travel tripod. I can carry this in the backpack with the Netbook. It’s a little flimsy fully extended, so I almost never use the thinnest extensions. It’s very easy to travel with and is approximately the same weight as the larger carbon fiber tripod. I recommend this to anyone who deosn’t want to splurge on an expensive tripod and will tend to the tripod with an SLR attached. I wouldn’t leave a dSLR on there without being nearby since it is meant for p&s cameras but can support a basic dSLR with some shorter lenses.

GPS Logging

I don’t use navigation systems. I usually look at maps ahead of time and try to figure things out on my own. Getting lost is part of the fun, after all. If I’m travelling, I’ll usually find a tourist map somewhere and navigate that way.

  • Nokia N810 Internet Tablet The n810 has been replaced by a telephone (n900). It is a great device for latching onto open WiFi networks and comes with a GPS unit. Maps are available using Maemo Mapper (download maps before ehading out) and there is a commercial navigation system I’ve never subscribed to. The GPS works great, but takes a while to lock on. I use the Amod ABG 108 Bluetooth GPS Receiver through a bluetooth connection to the n810 to get a faster lock. It can be a little cumbersome to have 2 devices, but I usually fasten the receiver to me and leave the n810 in my pocket where it maintains it’s bluetooth connection.
  • RGM-3800 GPS Data Logger GPS logger that clips on to you. wait for the lock and walk around. I use it with Jdatalog to download my tracks. It won’t tell you where you are, but it will tell you where you’ve been. Used for geotagging and OSM


  • Ubuntu Karmic KoalaIt’s free. It’s awesome. It’s good for just about everything.
  • Jdatalog to download my tracks
  • GpicSync for syncronizing pics to GPS tracks from the RGM-3800 GPS Data Logger
  • gpsPhoto for adjusting times and syncronizing pics to tracks
  • DigiKam for batch photo management tasks.
  • Geotag for retrieving location names and syncronizing tracks with pics.
  • Google Earth virtual earth viewing. Used to view the KML and KMZ files I generate from my walks. There’s also World Wind from NASA, but I use it a lot less.
  • Josm for editing gpx tracks and contributing to OSM.
  • The GIMP is what I use for every image manipulation. It’s not Photoshop but it’s a lot better than Photoshop Elements and has all the Photoshop functionality I actually care about. Most importantly, it’s free and cross-platform. Also, it’s portable! I don’t know why they’re removing it from the default Ubuntu install in the future. Also used in conjunction with UFraw plug-in for RAW conversions based on DCraw (thanks Dave Coffin!).
  • Qtpfsgui or Luminance HDR is a cross-platform interface for a handful of High Dynamic Range tools for tonemapping images.
  • Hugin panorama stitcher for making panoramas and aligning hand-held bracketed or time-lapse shots.

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