Turtle Watch

By UrbanAnthropod, May 14, 2010 10:01 am

An exercise in what not to blog or a really odd photo essay

With a title like that, you’d expect this to be a post about some turtle conservancy project I’m taking part in. You’d be wrong. I’ve known a certain turtle for quite some time. About 11 years or so, to be exact. She was one of those red-eared slider hatchlings they sell out in a certain ethnic enclave area downtown. But after 11 years, she’s a proper sized adult turtle. For the sake of anonymity, we’ll call her Lisa Hayes in this post.

Lisa Hayes’ mom was heading out of town. So someone had to look over the green lady. She arrived at my apartment on a Wednesday morning and she took a little time getting settled into my bathroom, where I had set up her cat bed. She spent most of the day in a tub in my tub. But when I got home, she’d be given land time to wander around the bathroom or my living room.

Besides the unfamiliarity of my abode, Lisa Hayes also came to me gravid. This placed her in a weird mood. She’d spend a lot of time walking around and bumping into things. Sometimes, she’d try to dig into the tile or cat bed. She wanted those eggs out of her. What was I to do? I live in Manhattan! I can’t exactly bring her out into the park and let her lay her eggs. I’d probably get arrested for capturing wildlife!
Miss Turtle - Day 1
Despite being agitated from a heavy load of eggs, she had her moments where she’d be calm and content.
Miss Turtle - Day 2
My apartment doesn’t exactly get direct sunlight, but she needed some sort of natural light. She seemed happy to crawl around near the window where I have indirect sun in the afternoon.
Miss Turtle - Day 3
Oddly, she didn’t sleep in her cat bed. Even odder, she’d be out in the middle of the bathroom instead of hiding in some corner. She has the weirdest survival sense. That’s what happens from all these years of being spoiled!
Miss Turtle - Day 4
Miss Turtle - Day 5
Since she was definitely missing home and her mom, I tried my best to entertain her and provided her with novel enrichment toys.
Miss Turtle - Day 6
In the end, I think she had an O.K. time over at my place. She seemed more settled towards the end of her week-long stay.
Miss Turtle - Day 7
And she definitely got more used to the camera being shoved in her face.
Miss Turtle - Day 8
Shortly after returning home, Lisa Hayes spent 6 hours digging up a hole through grass to unload her ten eggs in the middle of the night! She’s in a much better mood these days.

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  1. She seems to have this disapproving look on her face in all the pictures. I don’t think she liked your apartment much, despite her curiosity about Optimus.

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